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word to the wise

A word to the wise gentlemen…Do not tell your significant other/fiancee/wife that you’ve spent time researching the lives of “sex workers” (i.e. prostitutes). It’s just not the best idea, even if you are claiming a strictly academcially-ethnographic-platonic approach. Better yet, … Continue reading

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black friday

Okay, I think slowly, but surely, I can re-enter the habit of blogging on a regular basis. Or, at least, a semi-regular basis. I can have the most well meaning intentions and carefully laid plans for a day, but just … Continue reading

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oops, i tried

I know I’ve let a long period of time lasp between posts, and in blog world, I’m sure that means I’ve been forgotten. I beg your forgiveness…mea culpa…mercy! The busy bug bit me, and when she bites, I can be … Continue reading

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