my spontaneous schedule

Don’t know what to blog about…my life seems to have settled into a strange kind of spontaneous schedule. I get up late every day to my cute and cuddly husband, we cook sometimes, sometimes we run out for a bagel or smoothie, we write/work, I find something to scrap up for a late lunch, we might work out, we run to the library to write/work some more, we might hang out or meet up some of the church, we watch “Alias” on DVD (I’ve been catching him up lately…we’re on season 2), we go to bed late. Or, we might do something else entirely with our day, we never know.

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

It is.

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3 Responses to my spontaneous schedule

  1. Philip says:

    That must be nice. 🙂

  2. J. Samuel Thomas says:

    So your “Lovin’ It” huh?

  3. Jamie Poissant says:

    Ahhh…the wonders of young love, soon to be replaced by the bark of the dog, the cry of the child, the very rapping of Death at the door…till then, though, live it up! Boo ha ha ha ha.

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