my derailed thought train

So it occurred to me several nights ago while sitting in a bar in Athens for Athfest that I really enjoy alcohol, the great and wonderful social lubricant. For some people, lowering their level of inhibition is most definitely NOT a good thing, however for me, I rather enjoy not caring about what slips out of my mouth, worrying over words, being so careful with my speech. I don’t mean this to be an ode to alcohol, and don’t worry, I talked with Phil and determined that since I don’t 1)have an addictive sort of personality or 2)have alcoholism in my family, I am in no real danger of becoming a lush.

Alcohol was never a taboo in my home; it was simply not around much. Then when I started hanging around Presbyterians, I saw, hey, some Christians drink, enjoy themselves, and it’s okay. College was just an extension of that, and so, as I began this post, a few nights ago I found myself in a bar in Athens, highly enjoying several glasses of wine.

But interruption, after interruption has occured, and I had such good intentions for this post that have now fled my mind, free as birds to soar in the great realm of lost thoughts. When you live in a house with another writer who also happens to be obsessed with the Internet, and there is only one computer, somebody’s gotta make some sacrifices.

So here I am, woe is me, sacrificing my train of thought. Just wait till kids enter the picture, right?

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3 Responses to my derailed thought train

  1. BruceD says:

    It’s funny, when we’re a little buzzed, people EXPECT us to say stupid things, and are quick to forgive because the state of mind we’re in. It’s too bad people don’t give us that cushion all the time. Really, what’s the difference? We say stupid things all the time. When we’re buzzed it’s ok, and can be forgiven. But when we’re not, it’s offensive, and must be held against us. Maybe we should all drink enough all the time to always be forgiven/forgiving? Maybe I can be fogiven for writing this?

    Great love!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ha! No need for forgiveness here brother!

  3. Jasmin says:

    yeah, that last comment was from me…didn’t mean for it to come out anonymously

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