Finally, relaxation

Yesterday was Mike and I’s 2nd anniversary.  While talking about this fact with him, I happened to say (quite innocently I might add!), “Goodness it feels like a lot longer than that!”  I only meant that it felt as if I’d been connected with him and sharing life for much longer than a mere 2 years.  Ha!  I laugh in the face of the “cotton” anniversary.  We’re already gold, baby.  Already gold.

On my wedding day, I didn’t know what it would mean to love him more now than I did then, but it’s true.  If loving more means having a greater appreciation for, a greater depth of cherish-ment (yes, I just made that word up), and a better understanding of, then it’s definitely true.  I love him more now than then.  I can’t say that arriving here, in this place of greater love, was an easy road.  In fact, it was probably mostly a hard road.  But isn’t it worth the sore and calloused feet?  How else would you be able to deeply appreciate something like…

An evening of relaxation, complete with a couple’s massage at this day spa, followed by a cozy candlelit dinner in our bathrobes and slippers, and dessert.  I can’t tell you how needed and wonderful it was to slow down and take a breath, together.  We’ve been so busy with different things–Jubilee, work, school, church life–we’ve had little time to really relax, and do it together.

So if anything, this is a call to slow down, a call for appreciation.  A call for cherish-ment.

And on that note, here are a few things I am grateful for and cherish about my husband:

He is a good Daddy.  Jubilee lights up when she sees him

He fills my water glass in the middle of the night when I’m up with our daughter

He makes me laugh and roll my eyes every day

He makes sure I take care of myself

He practices a generous orthodoxy (hahaha)

Love you dear!

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3 Responses to Finally, relaxation

  1. Amy Mezzell says:

    This post is beautiful! I’m glad you’re enjoying everything. 🙂

  2. That’s so precious! I’ve been doing life together with Delighted Husband for eleven years. My best moments have happened on his watch. For sure. I think it’s a wonderful thing to stop and take inventory of your marriage and to remind yourself all that God has done in and through your oneness. Blessings on your bond, Shula

  3. Mike Morrell says:

    Just re-reading this, in anticipation of your Grand Re-Opening. It warms my heart.

    I love you too! 🙂

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