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To the Dads

Totally enjoying cooking Mike’s Father’s Day breakfast with the ghee a friend gave me.  It smells sooooo good. I still haven’t successfully made a “pretty” omelette, but they taste pretty delish, so I’ll keep trying! I’ve seen this floating around … Continue reading

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A Burning Bush

Today, on a too-early Saturday morning, I unashamedly (well perhaps a little ashamedly) plopped Little J in front of some Franklin the Turtle so that I could bumble around for the french press and coffee.  Somewhere between my first cup … Continue reading

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Evoking the Joys of Childhood

. Thanks to NPR, I recently discovered some great kid music. Justin Roberts‘ music is so wonderful – it brings tears to my eyes! I think the songs are so evocative in their stories of childhood, which are honest and innocent and … Continue reading

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